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South-Ukraine NPP power unit 2 shut down for scheduled outage

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On June 5, at 1:47 a.m., the second power unit of the South-Ukraine NPP was disconnected from the Ukrainian power grid for a scheduled outage with fuel loading lasting 65 days.

It is planned to carry out midlife outage of the reactor with full core unloading; overhauls, in-service metal monitoring, technical inspection of steam generator №3, main circulating pump (MCP) №2, special water purifying filters, oil coolers of booster pumps and oil system of MCP.

The outage provides for eddy current testing of heat exchange tubes of steam generators №1-4; overhauls of the turbine of the turbine feed pump B, service water pumps of essential consumers of the first, second, third safety systems and their electric engines, midlife outage of the turbogenerator, etc.

South-Ukrainian NPP power units 1 and 3 operate in the set mode without demur. The radiation background at the South-Ukraine NPP industrial site is at the level of natural background values measured before the launch of the nuclear power plant. On June 7, it is 0.09 μSv/h.