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Head for excellence: WANO continues cooperation with Energoatom on safety enhancement

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For more than a decade, Energoatom has been cooperating actively and fruitfully with the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) on the safe operation of nuclear power units. In particular, with the full support of the Company, WANO regularly conducts scheduled inspections of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The last such technical backstopping mission lasting 10 days was conducted at the Khmelnytskyy NPP in early September.

Likewise, according to the memorandum on conducting peer reviews concluded in October 2019 between Energoatom and WANO Paris and Moscow Сenters, the Company undertook to send secondees to Paris Center annually. They will participate in peer reviews and backstopping missions at nuclear power plants throughout the world. Thus, from August 30 to September 17, 2021, Ukrainian specialists competing for vacant posts of the Paris Center secondees were trained by WANO Paris Center representatives.

The next stage of systematic cooperation between Energoatom and the World Association of Nuclear Operators was the participation of Zaporizhzhya NPP representatives via videoconference in a meeting held by WANO leaders on the implementation of the new «Head for Excellence» project. The meeting was attended by 78 executives and specialists.

The new «Head for Excellence» direction includes a developed strategic plan, as well as a special classifier evaluating the activities of nuclear power plants. Pilot power plants have already been identified in Armenia, Russia, the Czech Republic and Finland.

The pilot project will be finished in 2022. The results will be adjusted and a new strategic plan will be developed, which will be brought forward to all operating organizations in the world.

«A WANO subject matter adviser, which will help achieve the desired results, will be allocated to each nuclear power plant. A working group has already been set up at Energoatom to implement this global and large-scale project,» said the head of ZNPP Operating Experience Department Albert Ryabukha.

The project is being implemented to increase the safety, productivity and reliability of nuclear power plants.