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Energoatom dispatched the first batch of radioactive waste from NPP to Vector production complex for disposal

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SE NNEGC «Energoatom» transferred the first batch of radioactive waste (30 containers with sault bitum compound) from the Rivne nuclear power plant to the Vector production complex of the State Special Enterprise CEMRW for permanent storage and disposal. The transportation was performed by specialists of Energoatom’s separated subdivision «Emergency and Technical Center». The beginning of the transfer of radwaste to the state storage is the result of numerous organizational and technical measures taken by Energoatom together with SSE CEMRW. The next step is to prepare for the transfer of operational radioactive waste accumulated at the South-Ukrainian, Khmelnytskyy and Zaporizhzhya NPPs.

For reference: Vector is a complex of facilities designed for storage and disposal of radioactive waste (RAW) from all Ukrainian waste generating enterprises, namely Energoatom’s nuclear power plants, Chornobyl NPP and its Exclusion Zone as well as other industrial and scientific enterprises and organizations.

The Vector production complex is a part of the State Specialized Enterprise «Central Enterprise for Management of Radioactive Waste» (SSE CEMRW), which is a national operator for radioactive waste management.