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Complex maintenance operations are being practiced at Zaporizhzhya NPP Maintenance Personnel Training Center

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A pilot training on a simulator for sealing the thermal control and power release flanges was held at the Maintenance Personnel Training Center of Zaporizhzhya NPP Training Center. 

During the pilot training, the specialists of the energy repair department and other structural departments, who requested the training, monitored how the trainees followed the industrial safety rules and regulations in the practical assignment process.

Attention was focused on various aspects and details during maintenance operations. After a thorough analysis, taking into account the comments and recommendations, a pilot training can be finalized and conducted for different groups at the request of the departments.

“The value of the simulator is difficult to overestimate, because all complex manipulations can be practiced here. This saves time, minimizes shortcomings during maintenance and reduces the dose load on personnel,” said Oleksandr Kulibov, Deputy Chief Specialist for NPP for the training of maintenance personnel. 

Information: The radiation background in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant corresponds to natural values ​​and as of March 3, 2021 is 8 - 12 μR / h. The release of radioactive substances into the environment does not exceed the established permissible values.

Zaporizhzhya NPP is the largest energy facility in Ukraine and Europe with an installed capacity of 6,000 MW. The first power unit was commissioned in 1984, the second in 1985, the third in 1986, the fourth in 1987, the fifth in 1989, and the sixth in 1995.

Zaporizhzhya NPP generates almost 40% of all electricity produced by nuclear power plants in Ukraine and a fifth of the total electricity production in the country into the Unified Energy System of Ukraine.