Energoatom is a diligent taxpayer

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The state-owned NNEGC Energoatom is the guarantor of economic stability and sustainable development of Ukraine. With a view to reducing poverty, improving education and health, as called by the UN, Energoatom provides the population with safe, reliable and affordable nuclear electricity through the PSO mechanism, as well as paying taxes in a fair and full manner.

Our company plays a significant role in the social and economic development of Ukraine and for many years in the top 10 largest taxpayers in Ukraine. According to the share of taxes paid and the number of employees of SE “NNEGC“ Energoatom ”- recognized leader of the electric power industry of Ukraine.

The Company's fair tax approach is driven by the high level of nuclear liability of the state and the public.

The total amount of taxes to the budgets of all levels, insurance payments and payments to the pension fund in 2019 amounted to UAH 18.08 billion. Paid - UAH 19, 4 billion, and with the VAT of fresh nuclear fuel - UAH 21 billion 422 million. Of these: to budgets of all levels - UAH 16,737.6 million, insurance and pension payments - UAH 2,654.6 million, environmental tax - UAH 1,074.8 million. Due to customs VAT of fresh nuclear fuel, the State Budget received VAT in the amount of UAH 2 029.9 million.

NNEGC Energoatom takes care of the development of local communities by providing local residents with jobs, paying taxes to the budget, as well as socio-economic compensation of the population of the territories of the NPP Area in the amount of 1% of the volume of electricity produced by NNEGC "Energoatom."

Every year, Energoatom pays all amount of the compensation fee in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Nuclear Energy Use and Radiation Safety”. Since the introduction of the mechanism of payment and use of funds socio-economic compensation for the risk of the population of the NPPs area, the amount of transfers of Energoatom to the special fund of the state budget for 2010-2019 amounted to UAH 2 billion 708 million

One of the key areas of Energoatom's social policy is to improve the quality of life of its employees and promote the development of NPP satellite cities. Most of the local residents work in the cities where the Company's nuclear power plants are located. The taxes that Energoatom pays to local budgets are directed to the development of social infrastructure - education, health, culture and sports.