SS "Skladske Gospodarstvo"

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Separated subdivision “Skladske Gospodarstvo” was established with a purpose of effective use of material and technical assets stocks (MTAS).

The main task of subdivision is storage and inventory count of MTAS for operation, maintenance and upgrade of NPP, mobilization and material reserve on the case of emergency, and creation of centralized inventory of MTAS.

Subdivision receives and serves out MTAS, equipment and repair parts from the centralized inventory in accordance to requests of other separated subdivisions of NNEGC “Energoatom”, corrects requests from NPPs by taking into account available supplies, maintains automatic records.

Besides, “Skladske Gospodarstvo” operates automated control system of warehouse stock with unified terminology and classification, takes part in organization and carrying out of incoming production quality control etc.

Address: Ukraine, 34400, Rivne oblast, Varash, Industrial Area 35

Tel.: (03636) 3-41-36