SS "Khmelnytskyi NPP"

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Beginning of construction — 1981

Start up of Unit 1 — 1987

Number of power units — 2

Type of reactor — VVER-1000

Total capacity — 2000 MW

Satellite town — Netishin, Khmelnytskyi region

Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant (KhNPP) is located in the central part of Western Ukraine, on the border of three regions, namely: Khmelnitsky, Rivne and Ternopil regions.

The construction started in 1981, with the first power unit put into commercial operation in late 1987, and the site prepared to deploy another three power units. Construction of unit 2 started in 1983 with the plans of grid connection by the end of 1991. By the time the Moratorium on construction of new nuclear power plants was effected, the major process components had already been installed and personnel had been trained.

Construction of Khmelnytskyi Unit 2 was resumed in 1993, with its connection to the Unified Energy System of Ukraine falling on August 8, 2004. Since commissioning of Unit 2 of KhNPP the annual electricity production has exceeded 15 billion kWh.

During the start-up of unit 2 of Khmelnytskyi NPP, in addition to the existing radiation control and environment monitoring system an automated radiation control system was introduced.

Owing to modernization activities, KhNPP unit 2 gained recognition as the best VVER-1000 power unit in Ukraine in terms of its safety level. A series of peer and expert reviews by international, state and independent experts from IAEA, Riskaudit, TACIS, WANO reaffirmed the level of its environmental, nuclear and radiation safety as corresponding to the international standards.

Since the start-up of unit 2 of Khmelnytskyi NPP the key focus of NNEGC «Energoatom» has been switched to finalization of construction of units 3 and 4 of KhNPP. The plant site remains the most attractive to deploy extension of nuclear power generating facilities of Ukraine.