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Separated subdivision «Atomic Instrument Making and Dedicated Equipment Design Bureau «Atomprylad» (DB «ATOMPRYLAD») has been part of SE NNEGC Energoatom since 2010 whereas the team's experience in dedicated energy instrument-making dates back to 1969 as part of the research and production association «Soyuzenergoavtomatyka».

New equipment developers, experienced designers as well as graduates of leading universities and colleges of Ukraine work in DB «ATOMPRYLAD».


Pilot trial production employs highly qualified workers, which allows them to perform complex tasks for the needs of Ukrainian NPPs at the up-to-date scientific and technical level.

The design bureau has a wide range of completed and implemented research and technology as well as experimental developments in the following key areas:


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  • collection and processing of information on the state of power-generating equipment technological parameters of NPP; TPP; HPP
  • software and hardware tools for technological-process automation
  • test-bench non-standard equipment
  • control of reactor water-chemistry in NPP, TPP, CHP power facilities
  • monitoring and measuring tools of reactor internals at NPPs
  • sealing structures of power facilities
  • spare parts for stand-by diesel-run power plans of NPPs
  • development of regulatory documents harmonized with the documents of the manufacturer countries of products (equipment) imported to Ukraine, used in the operation, maintenance and capital construction of nuclear power facilities.

DB «ATOMPRYLAD» has experience in the operation and implementation of NPP equipment of safety classes II, III, IV.

Design documentation and test samples pass all types of inspection for compliance with regulatory documents and are agreed with the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine.

In DB «ATOMPRYLAD» skilled specialists in standardization, metrology, management quality according to ISO 9001: 2015 work together with developers of electronic equipment, microprocessor-based systems, heating and hydraulic equipment.


Tel.: +380 (44) 277-79-14, fax: +380 (44) 277-79-31 

E-mail: office_ap@atomprylad.atom.gov.ua


System for checking the setting of VS66 pressurizer safety pulse valves of the VVER-1000 nuclear power facility.

 (Development of DB «ATOMPRYLAD»).