SS "Atomenergomash"

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Separated Subdivision "Atomenergomash"

The separated entity includes the following three enterprises:

· Special structures plant (Energodar, Zaporizhzhya region);

·  Non-standard equipment and pipeline plant (Energodar, Zaporizhzhya region);

· Engineering and repair plant (Yuzhnoukraisk, Mykolayiv region).

The main areas of activity of SE “AtomEnergoMash” are the following:

–        design and manufacture of heat-exchange and heat-mechanic equipment, components for NPP pipelines;

–        activities on unit repair of NPP heat-exchange equipment;

–        manufacture of metal structures, containers for radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel, removable thermal insulation, fireproof doors, fitting cables of CPS (Containment Prestressing System) for NPP;

–        manufacture of special and building structures;

–        complete overhaul and equipment rehabilitation;

–        development of new product types for nuclear power needs of Ukraine.

 SE “AtomEnergoMash” is equipped:

·        with special equipment for rolling metal sheets with thickness of 2-40 mm;

-        welding stand for machine welding of carbon and stainless steel sheets under flux, and with facilities for semi-automatic welding of metal structures and tubes in carbon dioxide medium and for gas plasma cutting of metal sheets with thickness of 4-150 mm and cutting of tubes with ND of 200-1200 mm;

·        with guillotine shears, sheet-bending machines – drilling, tooth-cutting, grinding etc.

·        general-purpose metal-working equipment that allows to ensure the production of NPP products of high quality.

Total area of all subdivisions of SE “AtomEnergoMash” makes up approximately 375 000 m2, the total production area of buildings and facilities – more than 100 000 m2. There are open and closed storehouses, as well as approach is provided for railroad and motor transport.

SE “AtomEnergoMash” has all the necessary regulatory and manufacturing documentation and highly qualified personnel. The on-going activities are carried out in respect to human resource development and retraining. SE AEM has a certified laboratory for metal inspection and plant quality assurance departments.

SE “AtomEnergoMash” employs comprehensive product quality management system that complies with requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2009. The separated entity holds quality certificates of UkrCEPRO (Ukrainian Certification Authority), licenses of the State Regulatory Committee of Ukraine, permits of the Territorial Administration of State Committee for Labor Protection Supervision, as well as all necessary permits for design and fabrication of the whole assortment of products. 

site: www.aem.zp.ua

e-mail: office@aem.zp.ua