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Emergency and technical center (SS ETC)

Emergency and technical center (SS ETC) is a separated subdivision of the state enterprise “National Nuclear Energy-generating Company “Energoatom” (SE NNEGC “Energoatom”).

SS Emergency and Technical Center is engaged in production and utilization of nuclear power, as well as in other fields of the national economy of Ukraine on the basis of licenses obtained according to the proper procedure established by the SE NNEGC “Energoatom”, according to the current legislation, norms and nuclear safety regulations, foundation documents of the SE NNEGC “Energoatom”, “Provision on SS ETC” and commitments of the respective licenses.

History of SS ETC establishment

Till 1993 the production association of robot technology and accident recovery work “Spetsatom” (Prypyat) had been a principal organization on technological development and utilization of robotic complexes and remote-controlled mechanisms in terms of increased radiation. Under resolution № 447of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 16.06.1993 the State Emergency and Technical Center (SETC) was established and it became a successor of the “Spetsatom”.
According to edict № 619 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine of 25.10.02 “On SETC reorganization” and edict № 765 of the SE NNEGC “Energoatom” of 13.11.02 “On establishment of the SS ETC of the SE NNEGC “Energoatom”, on September 2, 2003, a separated subdivision “Emergency and technical center” of the SE NNEGC “Energoatom” was created.


The main goals of SS ETC:

- preparedness of Ukraine for quick and effective actions in case of accidents at nuclear power and industrial enterprises in accordance with the international obligations of Ukraine and IAEA requirements (requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency) on creation of the national system of nuclear accident management;
- decommissioning and preservation of nuclear installations and facilities intended for nuclear technologies utilization and radioactive wastes;
- post-accident activity planning in case of transport accidents during radiation dangerous material transportation.

The principal tasks:

- management, preparation and performance of emergency work on post-accident clean-up;
- engineer and radiation survey of emergency objects, analysis and result summary;
- forecasting of radiation situation in emergency area and propositions on mitigation of a negative accident results for population and environment;
- decontamination of premises, buildings, and equipment, as well as dust reduction while performing accident recovery work;
- development of new techniques and technology for increased radiation work and scientific and technical support of new technologies at a NPP;
- development and production of equipment and devices that provide for a special technologies use and force account in terms of increased radiation;
- development of technical and organizational/management documentation for the SS ETC in terms of increased radiation;
- the SS ETC personnel emergency response drill together with nuclear plants;
- maintenance of special equipment, robotic complexes and remote-controlled mechanisms of the SS ETC;
- international scientific and technical cooperation on radiation accident management at nuclear and industrial facilities;
- shot operations while managing nuclear accidents and accidents during transportation of explosive materials, as well as at the request of other organizations;
- transportation of explosive materials to the shot area when managing nuclear accidents, as well as at the request of other organizations;
- diving operations while managing nuclear accidents, and accidents during transportation of explosive materials and nuclear power objects survey;
- radio communication service;
- participation in research and development work, introduction of scientific, engineering, technological and other developments.

SS ETC has the following licenses and permits to work:

license for work with ionizing radiation sources;

license for shot operations;

license for exploitation of electronic net means of dual simplex communication;

license for HF sets exploitation;

license for construction work.

The license for hazard works according to Resolution №1631 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 15 October 2003:

- loading-unloading operations with lifting cranes;
- handling operations;
- storing, exploitation of balloons with pressure and liquid gases;
- welding, gas-flame work;
- exploitation of hand-held electric and pneumatic machines, instruments;
- exploitation of hot water boilers;
- work with functioning  electric installations of less and more than 1000V;
- exploitation of accumulator batteries;
- mechanical wood and metal working;
- operations on dosimetry;
- operations on decontamination;
- diving operations;
- operations in ionizing radiation zone;
- operations in wells (maintenance and repair of systems of heat and water supply, fire fighting, sewerage, water drain that belong to an enterprise).

Today 265 people work at the Emergency and Technical Center.

SS ETC Services:

search and collection of high-level radioactive wastes in indoor and outdoor areas with robotic means;

underwater inspection of up-to-25m-depth objects with TV units;

survey of solid radioactive waste storages with TV units;

making passes in reinforced-concrete constructions with drilling and cable sawing;

dismantling of reinforced-concrete constructions taken out of NPP service;

autocrane Liebherr with load-carrying capacity of 190 tonnes and boom length of 72m;

transportation of goods and passengers across Ukraine (helicopter Mi-2: passengers uplift – 7, lifting capacity – 0,75 tonnes);

monitoring (air and engineer reconnaissance) of the sanitary protection zone and target area;

transportation of bulky cargos with the weight of up to 50t and length of 13m across Ukraine;

Utilization of high-level radioactive wastes at NPP by developed techniques with appliances made in the SS ETC (by winding and pneumatic cutting);

Production of non-standard equipment (repair parts, details, accessories, special instruments);

Decontamination of buildings, ventilating pipes, equipment, special equipment by abrasive and hydro-abrasive decontamination methods using high-pressure vessels, as well as decontamination of metal surfaces made of stainless steel, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals that are in a list of equipment;

Inspection and repair of underwater parts of hydrostructures, bottom clean-up and dredging works; erection and dismantling of underwater constructions; underwater welding;

Diving inspection of harbor waters and coastal zones, their video recording and mapping;

Pipeline cutting by linear-shaped charges;

Branch joint into gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pipelines under pressure.

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fax +380 44 406-5680
E-mail: info@atc.gov.ua
Address: 1, Pripyatska str., 
Bilogorodka, Kiev region, Ukraine - 08140