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ZNPP unit 3 connected to power grid following scheduled midlife outage

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On June 7, 2021, at 20:55, unit 3 of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant was connected to the power grid following the scheduled midlife outage.

Currently, four ZNPP power units are in operation. At power unit 5, the 39th day of the scheduled midlife outage, and at power unit 6, the 52nd day of the scheduled overhaul.

There are no comments on the operation of the existing power units’ basic facility and personnel. The radiation background in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya NPP location and in the sanitary protection zone (the area around the nuclear power plant with a radius of 2.5 km) is 8–12 microroentgen per hour, which corresponds to the natural radiation background.