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Tashlyk HPSPP completion discussed by Energoatom and Ministry of Environmental Protection

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On July 28, 2021, in fulfillment of the order of Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleh Urusky, SE NNEGC «Energoatom» and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine held a joint online meeting.

It discussed the project of completion of hydraulic units 3-6 of the Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant (THPSPP), which is part of the South-Ukrainian energy complex.

Currently, THPSPP has two hydraulic units with a total working capacity of 302 MW, while the level of the Olexandrivska water reservoir is 16 meters. The commissioning of the hydraulic unit 3, which should take place by the end of 2021, does not provide for an increase in this level. According to the state «Hydropower Development Program until 2026», THPSPP will have 6 hydraulic units and won’t need to increase the water level in Olexandrivska water reservoir higher than the 16.9 m mark.

Ihor Demidenko, Leading Engineer of Energoatom's Projects and Investment Programs Directorate, noted that the implementation of this large-scale project has several strategic goals, so its importance should be taken into account not only for the region but also for Ukraine at large.

«It is the hydropower complexes that will help balance the Unified Power System of Ukraine,» Mr. Demidenko explained. «The operation of the Tashlyk HPSPP at full capacity will not only increase the resilience of the UPS, but also create an operational reserve for regulating the electrical frequency, which is the guarantee of establishing uninterrupted electricity exports». He added that the increase in the THPSPP capacity in the long run would allow it to enter the ancillary services market, which will make it profitable.

Furthermore, the Mykolayiv region, where THPSPP is located, has an arid climate in the summer season while scientists state that the water content of the Southern Buh is constantly declining. Therefore, the completion of the THPSPP and the increase of the normal headwater level (NHL) of the Olexandrivska water reservoir would first address the issue of water supply to the population of Mykolayiv region as well as irrigation of agricultural lands of the region. That is why during the preparation of the project for the construction of THPSPP hydraulic units 3-6 Energoatom initiated the raising of the NHL to the 20.7 m mark only at the peak of spring floods.

The need for this step is also justified in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report. In turn, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Roman Shakhmatenko noted that the project might be reconsidered under the Law «On Environmental Impact Assessment».

Representatives of Energoatom and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources agreed to hold regular consultations with the participation of specialists and experts, which will be followed by another meeting. Based on the results of the event, a protocol will be formed, which will be attached to the report to the Vice Prime Minister – Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine.