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State strategic projects discussed at Atomic Trade Union Forum

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On September, 24 this year, the Forum of Atomic Trade Union of Ukraine started in Zatoka Township, Odesa region. The discussion focused on the development of the nuclear power industry as well as the role of the trade union in the implementation of tasks, in particular, set before the nuclear power professionals by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

On the first day of the Forum, the participants discussed and supported activities on implementating the provisions of the Memorandum on new power units construction in Ukraine, signed by Energoatom and Westinghouse in the presence of the head of state in late August during a working trip to the United States.

Regarding staff acquisition and R&D support of such a large-scale project, Energoatom’s Executive Director for Human Resources Oleh Boyaryntsev noted that Ukrainian nuclear power professionals are set for its implementation. Energoatom has a significant human resources capacity as well as wide opportunities for training and skills upgrading of specialists for the operation of power units under AP-1000 technology.

«Currently, Energoatom has a sufficient number of such specialists, but at the same time, there is a need for continuous training and skills upgrading, especially for the effective use of US technologies in the domestic nuclear power industry. Therefore, Energoatom, together with partners from the United States, is already planning large-scale exchange programs for specialists – designers, projecting engineers, construction workers, engineers, operational staff, etc.» said Mr. Boyaryntsev.

During the last two years, none of the licensed nuclear specialists has gone abroad. Furthermore, during the first half of 2021, 14 specialists were trained for licensed positions, while the Company has a total of 420 licensed specialists (11 persons up year-on-year).

Energoatom also goes out of its way to raise the young generation of high-end professionals. «Teaching Ukrainian students from specialized universities to using new US technologies in the nuclear industry is one of the key areas of adaptation of promising young people to work on new power units. The training will include not only the theory, but also simulator sessions in engineering offices and on Westinghouse sites, where AP-1000 power units are being built and put into operation,» Oleh Boyaryntsev stated.

Currently, almost 2,600 students are mastering «nuclear» technical specialties in Ukrainian universities. In 2021, the number of students who went to study in such specialties has almost doubled year-on-year.

In turn, the head of Atomic Trade Union Valeriy Matov noted that all these large-scale projects could be successfully implemented due to the efficient work of Energoatom’s staff, for whom all the necessary conditions are created – from a decent salary to the industry-leading social care but, first and foremost, there is a direct dialogue between trade unions and Energoatom.

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the NPP training centers are able to prepare the required number of candidates for licensed positions. 60-70 persons are constantly studying.

«Presently, the status of the nuclear industry is being revived. This is facilitated by events and decisions on a global scale, in particular, the signing of a Memorandum between Energoatom and Westinghouse, which is of great importance for the future nuclear industry of Ukraine. An essential component for the trade union is the formation of a common platform that will provide effective support for maintaining the social component of the industry and a common corporate position building,» stressed Valeriy Matov.

The Forum of the Atomic Trade Union of Ukraine will last until September 26, 2021.