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Petro Kotin participates in the 65th IAEA General Conference

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Energoatom’s head Petro Kotin as a member of Ukraine’s official delegation participates in the 65th session of the IAEA General Conference, which takes place on September 20-24, 2021 in Vienna, Austria.

The Company’s head will hold a series of bilateral meetings with the leaders of Western enterprises and organizations that have been Energoatom’s reliable partners for a long time, including Westinghouse, EPRI, NEI.

This year's panel discussions will cover topical issues including the introduction of technologies to combat climate change, organizational development and leadership in sustainable management of nuclear power plants, innovation in production and use of hydrogen from nuclear power plants for the global transition to net-zero energy, challenges in licensing the advanced modern reactors, safety issues in nuclear, prospects for small modular reactors introduction, options for spent nuclear fuel storage, etc. 

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The IAEA is the world's only international inspector for nuclear safeguards and surveillance in the nuclear field. The purpose of surveillance is to prevent the transfer of nuclear materials used in nuclear facilities located in 70 countries for any military purposes. The IAEA serves as an intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical operation in the peaceful use of nuclear technology and nuclear power worldwide.