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New challenges and prospects, decarbonization and operational safety are in the focus of the main industry event of the year

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On December 2, 2021, the International World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE-2021), which took place during the last days in Paris (France) and qualifies as the main event of the year in the field of nuclear energy, ends its work. The exhibition was attended by Energoatom’s delegation headed by Acting President Petro Kotin along with a huge number of visitors from all over the world.

Based on the results of the exhibition, the Company's delegation held several important business meetings and talks with the heads of leading partner companies from France, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries. Many proposals were received to further strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, in particular on the construction of new nuclear power units, supply of nuclear fuel, waste management, development of hydrogen technologies, production of medical isotopes, etc.

The exhibition attendees expressed great interest in the panel session involving Energoatom’s head, which was dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, as well as their role in decarbonization, welfare and sustainable economic development.

Speaking to the audience, Petro Kotin, in particular, said: «Ukraine, which survived the Chornobyl accident, remains committed to nuclear energy, and the Ukrainian public trusts it. To this end, Energoatom implements a consistent policy based on the following key elements:

1) safety of nuclear installations – the number one priority in the company's activities,

2) reliable and stable operation of Ukrainian NPPs, generating more than 55% of inexpensive electricity,

3) effective communication policy and transparency in activities.

Building on this, Energoatom plans to increase its nuclear capacity from current 13.8 GW to 24 GW in 2040.»

In general, the exhibition was successful and once again showed the trends of renewed interest in the nuclear industry and the inevitability of recognizing nuclear energy as a low-carbon energy source. This was confirmed by meaningful and well-argued speeches of highly respected industrialists and statesmen, such as the words of the French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire: «It would be inconceivable and irresponsible for nuclear energy not to be recognized as low-carbon energy in European taxonomy If we want to reindustrialize the country, have a real industrial reconquest, we need a significant number of nuclear reactors.»

Moreover, in the context of Ukraine's European integration processes, including in the electric energy sector, a positive signal was the appraisal of the importance of nuclear energy, made during the WNE-2021 exhibition by the EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson: «The European Union is neutral towards the different energy technologies. But this means being attentive to the contribution that each of them can bring towards achieving our overarching goal, a decarbonised, fully integrated and more secure energy system by 2050. And this includes nuclear.»

Energoatom’s delegation thanked the exhibition organizers for the high-level event and its significant contribution in strengthening the role of nuclear energy in the world.

For reference: The first WNE exhibition in Paris took place in 2014. Currently, it is the largest international commercial and industrial event dedicated to the development and operation of the nuclear industry.