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Energoatom to deter sabotage against the state

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Energoatom addresses state authorities and law enforcement agencies to prevent the predatory writing off of amounts and protect the strategic state-run enterprise rights.

Organized crime group, including owners and officials of U.S.-Ukraine JV UKRELEKTROVAT, JSC, law enforcement officials, judges and their assistants, employees of the State Enforcement Service and others apply the scheme of account locking and forced writing off over UAH 127 million of Energoatom’s accounts.

The pseudo-ground used by the dealers is the enforcement proceeding №34029225 dated 28.08.2012, which is being enforced in the Department of the State Enforcement Service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Formally speaking, this is about collecting the debt, which does not exist, that means collecting funds from SE NNEGC ENERGOATOM in favor of foreign-owned Ukraine-U.S. Joint Venture UKRELEKTROVAT, JSC amounting to UAH 127.3 mln, out of which the principal makes up only UAH 2.5 mln.

On August 4, 2011 the Economic Court of Kyiv approved a decision, based on the conclusion of an expert from Legal Assistance Center PRAVOZAKHYST, LLC, dated 14.04.2010 that provided for an absolutely illegal increase in the debt exceeding the actual liabilities amount more than fifty times.

In 2014, based on outcomes of the critical review performed by the Kyiv Research Institute for Forensic Examinations, that “expert conclusion” was found to be unjustified; at the same time,  criminal proceeding No.42014100000000381 was instituted against officials of  UKRELEKTROVAT, JSC and Legal Assistance Center PRAVOZAKHYST, LLC, and ENERGOATOM was found to be an offended party. Finally, following the Kyiv Economic Court of Appeals’s decision, dated July 6, 2016, enforcement proceeding No.34029225 was halted.

However, on February 2, 2021 the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv being in serious violation of the law, adopted a decision aimed at renewing an enforcement proceeding, which the above mentioned vice dealers obviously inspired along with further illegal and impudent actions of a state enforcement officer.

Despite Energoatom's  appeals of the above decision of the Shevchenkivskyi District Court, the law enforcement agency prematurely renewed enforcement proceeding No.34029225 and arrested accounts of the state-owned enterprise.

This could make for multimillion losses of Energoatom, which will be forced to implement the decision on the artificially created debt enforcement.

This may result in multi-million losses incurred by Energoatom  who will be forced to fulfill a decision on the collection of an artificially created debt.

Furthermore, the garnishment of Energoatom’s account by the enforcement authorities jeopardizes the implementation of actions for the safe operation of domestic NPP units, discharge of taxes, salary payment, etc.

To prevent the implementation of this defiant scenario, Energoatom:

1) warns of the inevitability of liability for all officials of state and judicial authorities involved in this scam, as well as the irreversibility of punishment for damnification to a strategic state-run enterprise;

2) openly appeals to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine on the need to immediately open criminal proceeding, conduct investigative actions and arrest all those involved in the crime.

We demand to take urgent measures to prevent the robbery of a strategic state-run enterprise – the operator of four Ukrainian nuclear power plants as well as investigate the criminal scheme of nonexisting debt enforcement from «Energoatom»!