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Energoatom set for heating season and supporting national power system stable operation

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Energoatom has performed all organizational and technical activities for Ukraine's nuclear power plants to be prepared for the heating season, during which at least 14 power units of domestic NPPs will operate.

Back in this May, the Company's Head Office issued an order according to which the main divisions developed, approved and arranged for the operation in 2021/2022 heating season.

To supervise the nuclear power plants arrangements for the start of the cold season, central commissions directed by chief engineers were set up and at least two comprehensive inspections were organized, said Maxim Shayna, Director of the Operations Department of Energoatom’s Executive Directorate for Production and Repair.

Likewise, to ensure efficient power generation during the passage of the 2021/2022 heating season, the Company's management slated to optimize the schedule of NPP units maintenance outages. To date, the transitional (from 2020 to 2021) maintenance outages of four NPP power units (ZNPP-5, RNPP-3,4, KhNPP-2) have been completed. During 2021, maintenance outages were also carried out at nine power units (ZNPP – 1,3,5,6; RNPP – 1,2; SUNPP – 2,3; KhNPP – 1).

In general, as of the end of September this year, the maintenance outages duration reduction amounted to 89.3 days. Currently, the maintenance campaign is on schedule: maintenance outages at three NPP units – ZNPP-2, 4; SUNPP-1 as well as current maintenance at the RNPP-3 will be completed on time.

«The activities executed allowed to optimize the NPP power units operating modes (loads) in such a way that during the heating season Energoatom will operate with the maximum number of power units – at least 14. At the same time, the forecast operating capacity of NPPs in November-January exceeds the optimal indicators proposed by NPC Ukrenergo, enabling to exceed the updated forecast electricity balance of UPS of Ukraine in October-December 2021 by 2.8% and generate an additional 650 million kWh of electricity», stated Energoatom’s head Petro Kotin.

Energoatom supports the Ukraine's power system stable operation. It is the nuclear generation that provides 55% of all electricity, faithfully fulfilling the Company's service obligations to provide the public with the cheapest electricity for 15 kopecks per 1 kW, Mr. Kotin added.

Last year, the arrangements of nuclear power plants and other Energoatom’s separated subdivisions for operation in 2020-2021 heating season underwent on schedule as well – the Company carried out all repairs on time under the Forecast Energy Balance of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. During the passage of the 2021/2022 heating season, 11 power units of domestic NPPs were in operation, which was due to the forced postponement of power units outages to the winter period because of nuclear generation restrictions imposed by the former Minister of Energy in the summer of 2020.