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Energoatom’s head Petro Kotin: Company seeks to spend one billion hryvnias for social development

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Energoatom held an extended meeting of the Company's Head Office and Trade Union Committee to summarize the Union contract performance in the first half of 2021.

While analyzing how the company fulfills its corporate commitments to its employees, Energoatom’s head Petro Kotin said in his report that the Company's social standards have definitely become higher. He stressed that as one of the labor market leaders, Energoatom seeks to increase the level of expenditures for its own social development to 1 billion hryvnias per year, which is quite achievable, given that even now the costs of various support programs for nuclear power workers have increased significantly.

 «Expenditures on social development in the first half of this year increased by 20% and amounted to 398 million hryvnias. According to the results of 2021, we plan to spend 857 million hryvnias for this important goal while in the coming years we are going to reach one billion hryvnias,» the Company’s head said.

Petro Kotin paid special attention to the support of the Company's staff in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, emphasizing the need to maintain a high percentage of vaccinations among employees.
Oleksiy Lych, Chairman of the Energoatom’s trade union, assured that great attention is always paid to the health of nuclear power workers and their families, as evidenced by the newly built sports facilities with modern equipment in the satellite cities of nuclear power plants.

 «The strategy for cooperation between the administration and the trade union committee has changed fundamentally. Therefore, for now we have indicators that show excellent results. In particular, we managed to complete the sports infrastructure improvement program,» – stated Mr. Lych. «This year we reconstructed sports facilities and opened new ones in the satellite cities of the NPP: Netishyn, Varash, Yuzhnoukrainsk.»
In turn,  Energoatom's Executive Director for Human Resources  Oleh Boyaryntsev noted that all the main clauses of the Union contract are being fully implemented. The Company's management, he stressed, takes into account all the social requirements of nuclear power workers, also helping them with housing: «According to the investment program for 2022, 36 million hryvnias are planned for this. Furthermore, we will continue to support the provision of interest-free loans for housing improvements for our employees.»

In conclusion, Petro Kotin said that in the coming years the Company will need even more skilled staff – given the implementation of large-scale projects for the construction of new nuclear facilities. «Acting under the auspices of the top public officials, the country's nuclear industry should become a world leader in specialist training, as well as in the construction and operation of power units,» noted the head of Energoatom.