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Energoatom provides vaccination for staff and calls for being health conscious

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As a good corporate citizen, Energoatom has provided coronavirus infection vaccination for its employees. Currently, all personnel of nuclear power plants can be jabbed quickly and at all reasonable time at vaccination centers organized in Kyiv and NPP satellite cities. Vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, CoronaVac are available.

 «The safety operation of domestic NPPs, which are the most reliable source of electricity production and supply, depends on the personnel of nuclear power plants. As soon as this became possible, all regular staff of NNEGC Energoatom were able to get vaccinated for coronavirus,» stated the head of social insurance and health protection department of NNEGC  «Energoatom» Fedir Dedov, who has already received two doses of the vaccine and advises everyone to be immunized at the first opportunity.

 «It should be remembered,» he says, «that every living organism has a biological purpose. The purpose of the coronavirus is to penetrate a cell, multiply in it, and destroy it by spreading to other cells. If the body does not learn to fight the coronavirus or the immune defense is reduced for various reasons, then in fact, the coronavirus leads to terminal states. The biological purpose of vaccination is to teach the immune system to overcome the virus. «Training» is carried out by using various coronavirus vaccines. I note that mankind has never produced such effective vaccines. You can choose any: all certified in Europe vaccines are available in Ukraine,» said Mr. Dedov.

According to him, bacterinia, in particular armache, chills or fever, is an immune response, the discomfort of which cannot be compared with the complications of Covid-19. Immunity begins to develop from the 14th to the 20th day after vaccination. Therefore, it's time to take care of your own health and make a safe choice for those who have not yet had the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in coronavirus infection in Ukraine, which has also led to a growth in the number of deaths caused by COVID-19: more than 300 people die every day.

According to the forecast of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the highest incidence of coronavirus infection this year is expected in November. A dangerous «delta» strain is spreading throughout the country, which carries more risks of severe illness. The only way to protect yourself from it today is vaccination, which saves from complications and hospitalization, and therefore saves lives.

 «Mind now, if people in «covid» intensive care units were asked what vaccine they would get vaccinated today, the answer would be clear-cut – any one!»  Fedir Dedov added.