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Address of Atomic Trade Union of Ukraine

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Currently, a critical situation has arisen around the State Enterprise NNEGC Energoatom associated with the sequestration of the state-run Company’s accounts under enforcement proceedings of the State Enforcement Service for nonexisting debt collection from Energoatom in favor of foreign-owned Ukraine-U.S. Joint Venture UKRELEKTROVAT, JSC amounting to UAH 127.3 mln, out of which the principal makes up only UAH 2.5 mln.

Officers of the State Enforcement Service of Ukraine actually blocked the financial and economic activities of a strategic state-run enterprise, which generates more than 51% of all electricity in Ukraine.

Sequestration of Energoatom's accounts really threatens to ensure the necessary measures for the safe operation of nuclear power units of Ukrainian NPPs, fresh nuclear fuel procurement, salary payment, fulfillment of social obligations, payment of loans, taxes, etc.

Now, as the country enters the heating season with a coal shortage in thermal power plants, due to the occupation of part of the territory of Donbas by the Russian Federation, the impossibility, in case of emergencies, to import electricity from the aggressor country and its satellite Belarus, it is Energoatom that was given a task from the country's leadership to ensure the operation of 14 out of the 15 power units of nuclear power plants, which will provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the general  public and industry.

We believe that the coordinated activities of U.S.-Ukraine JV UKRELEKTROVAT, JSC  and representatives of the State Enforcement Service to block Energoatom's accounts and write off nonexisting debts in favor of the company, which has bought these debts from the Russian TVEL, JSC, in such a difficult period for the country, should be considered by country's leadership as well-targeted sabotage.

The Atomic Trade Union of Ukraine appeals to the authorities to immediately intervene in the situation regarding illegal actions of the State Enforcement Service officials, which may lead to negative consequences for the energy generating industry of our state.

To prevent the critical situation that has arisen in the nuclear industry of Ukraine due to intentional misconduct of the State Enforcement Service officials, on October 8, 2021, the Atomic Trade Union of Ukraine will hold protests in front of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the State Enforcement Service.