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About the situation with the incidence of COVID-19 of NPP workers in Ukraine

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As of May 4, 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus were registered among the personnel of three nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Among the NPP critical personnel no cases of COVID-19 infection were identified.  

At South-Ukraine NPP the number of workers with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 has grown to 12. There are 5 NPP employees in Yuzhnoukrainsk infectious disease department: 4 are in the state of moderate severity, 1 is with suspicious (by clinical implications). In the Mykolaiv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital there is one employee from South-Ukraine NPP, who on May 3 was transferred from the town infectious diseases department due to the worsening condition. 7 employees are in ambulatory treatment. Contact persons have been identified, isolated and are examined using PCR-tests.

On May 1, the first case of coronavirus among the staff of Rivne NPP was registered: an employee whose workplace is located outside the NPP site. Now she is in the hospital. 19 contacts were identified who underwent rapid testing for coronavirus with negative results.

Since April 29, at other Ukrainian NPPs, no new cases of COVID-19 were detected. Among two employees of Zaporizhzhya NPP, who had previously been infected with COVID-19, one has recovered and one remains in hospital treatment, and two employees of Khmelnytskyi NPP are also in hospital treatment.

In addition, a case of COVID-19 was confirmed to one employee of SS “Atomremontservice”, SE “NNEGC “Energoatom”, located in Slavutich, and one employee of SS “Atomenergomash” in Energodar.

All identified persons who had contact with the infected employees were self-isolated, relevant messages were submitted to medical institutions at their place of residence.

As reported, from the end of March, technical management groups (TMG) and operating personnel whose workplaces are located in the Main Control Rooms (MCR) of Ukrainian nuclear power units have been transferred to the isolation mode. For the quarantine period, all the necessary social and living conditions for accommodation, meals and recreation have been created for isolated personnel on the basis of sanatorium complexes and hotels of NPPs satellite towns. Special routes have been developed for transporting critical personnel to their workplaces.  The isolated personnel are provided with personal protective equipment, constant medical monitoring of the health condition is organized at workplaces and in isolation places with documentation of the results, measures are taken to minimize contacts.

Daily meetings of the Command Centers for preventing the spread of coronavirus are held at NPPs, at which the current situation is discussed and decisions are made to strengthen anti-epidemic measures. Particular attention is directed to identifying people who have been in contact with infected persons. A social distancing and observation regime has been introduced for such individuals. The psychological monitoring of the personnel, which is in the observation, is performed. Educational activities on the prevention of coronavirus disease are carried out on radio, television and in the station media.

At the beginning of the quarantine introduction in Ukraine, the majority of the personnel of NNEGC “Energoatom” were transferred to remote work conditions. The Company’s employees were provided with personal protective equipment, disinfectants, personnel were provided with special instructions, regular information is provided regarding the quarantine regime and behavior standards, employees who are not involved in technological processes were promptly transferred to remote work condition.

The sanitary-hygienic and disinfection regime of industrial and office premises, food units, checkpoints, and also nuclear power plant vehicles has been strengthened. The health workers of the NPP health department thoroughly conduct pre-shift full thermometry of the personnel.

Meetings are transferred to conference and online conference mode. Electronic document management is actively introduced.

The Town Councils of Ukrainian NPP satellite towns: Energodar, Varash, Yuzhnoukrainsk and Netishyn, made a decision to restrict the entry of unauthorized persons into the NPP satellite towns. The local police departments, together with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, organized the work of check points.

In order to maximize the protection of NPP personnel from the spread of coronavirus, additional control has been introduced at nuclear power plants for contractor workers involved in repair and other works at NPP sites. Only those who have submitted all the documents according to the extended list, have passed the questionnaire and medical examination can get a pass to the nuclear power plant. The educational process was also transferred to the remote format. The information needed for conducting briefings and gaining work permit for the personnel of contracting organizations is downloaded in an accessible form on the sites of nuclear power plants. Therefore, the personnel of contracting organizations can undergo training and knowledge assessment in the testing mode.

All above measures are carried out in compliance with the decisions of the President of Ukraine and the Government on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine and are aimed at protecting the NPP personnel, employees of “Energoatom” and their families from the threat of coronavirus disease.