SS "Scientific and Technical Center"

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Separated subdivision "Scientific and Technical Center" is created on May 7, 2003.

The purpose of creation Separated subdivision  "Scientific and Technical Center" is formation in Ukraine complex and effective system of scientific and technical support of nuclear power which provides optimum use of intellectual and technical potential of scientific and engineering organizations that services render in the field of use of a nuclear energy and radiating safety.

Primary goals of Separated subdivision "Scientific and Technical Center":

- Definition of real NPP need in services on scientific and technical support, formation of effective system of planning and management of projects at performance of research and developmental works.

- Coordination of activity of institutes and the organizations performing works on scientific and technical support of atomic engineering.

- Development and support of introduction of effective engineering decisions in the field of operation, repair, modernizations and increases of NPP safety.

- Scientific and technical support of development of legislative acts and normative documents, adaptation of documents of Russia and the international standards in the field of use of a nuclear energy.

- Participation in development of programs and plans for development of a fuel and energy complex.

As the organization, which coordinates works on scientific and technical support in the field of atomic engineering, Separated subdivision "Scientific and Technical Center" should provide an interaction with all enterprises, which give scientific, technical and engineering services for NPP. Thus the primary goals - to provide aneffective utilization of all intellectual resources and potential of these enterprises, to exclude an opportunity of unreasonable duplication of works, to receive the maximal effect from introduction of research development on the nuclear power plants.

The basic directions of activity on which scientific and technical support is carried out:

- Operational modes and practice, maintenance of emergency readiness of NPP

- Introduction of new equipment and technologies, modernization of the equipment of NPP

- Improvement of repair technologies and processes

- Management of a resource of designs, systems and elements, continuation of operation term of power units of NPP

- Metallurgical science, introduction of new technologies of welding, the control of metal and welding connections

- Chemical technologies and water and chemical modes

- Physics of a reactor and fuel use

- Analysis of safety, introduction of risk approaches

- Management of radioactive waste products

- Radiating safety, environmental protection, ecology

- Removal from operation of nuclear plants

- Control and quality systems, standardization, estimation of suppliers

- Information technologies

- Strategy of atomic engineering development, choice of new type of nuclear plant.

Our address:

22-24, Gogolivska str., Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine.
Telephone/fax: +380(44) 206-9721,  Fax +380(44) 206-9725
e-mail: office@ntc.atom.gov.ua